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Young Slay is a Haitian rapper, mental health professional, and doctoral student based in Broward County, Florida. He entered the rap scene over a decade ago and continues to develop his unique style. He has released numerous projects independently including “Faces got no Race,” “R2KM: Rèd Kon Ke Makak,” “GKNM: Granmoun Ki Non M’,” and has released several singles. Although he continues to pursue his graduate degree in Psychology, he remains passionate about music. Young Slay founded a record label called "Piwet Entertainment" in 2022. The record label draws its name from his relentless hustle and work ethic. 

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Young Slay

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Press / Reviews

The rhymes on Young Slay's Faces Got No Race brilliantly tackle social and emotional issues and set them against singsong melodies and catchy hooks. Not since Arrested Development's "Tennessee" has a song done what "In My Belly (Feat. Jonny Lyrks)" does: laying painful realities, both historical and present-day, over an otherwise positive musical track and sing-a-long melody. 

Originally from Haiti, Young Slay's Creole accent brings an international flavor to his music, which smartly blends his influences that cross genres across American rock, metal, classical, soul, and Hip-Hop. 

Young Slay's strength lies in his rhyming—both in his lyrics and phrasing. His own words point out "if I were a better singer, I'd hold this note longer." For the melodic voice and some guest rapping, Faces Got No Race features several guests. Ralph, Jonny Lyrks, and Wayne lend their voices to the cause. 

The album was written by Yveton Isnor, a BMI writer in Young Slay's hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. Together, Isnor and Slay have found a magical musical niche. Faces Got No Race brings together rock, rap, and reggae in a radio-friendly sound ready for larger exposure.


With “Faces Got No Race,” Young Slay seems to have found that elusive balance between hip-hop that is politically conscious but not “preachy”; deeply soulful but not boring; not over-commercial but never radio unfriendly.  

If you’re looking for an album that has good lyricism, production, and serious messages. Young Slay brings all of this and more to the table here. He is busy building the bridge from the underground to the mainstream, without the hype but thoroughly enjoyable, addictive, emotional, and positive. Not only does he provide a powerfully positive flow on nearly every song, but he does so with great word-play, pulling verses and rhymes out of life experiences and solid ideals.  

The songs flow in perfect order and there are so many standout songs that bring this album together completely, like: “In My Belly,” “Polygraph,” “Take You Away,” “Faces Got No Race,” “Blood,” “Mislead & Miseducated” and “When I Die.” Proving that Young Slay aka Mèt Piwèt has not only put together a great album but an album that is good for hip hop music as a whole, adding in intelligence, creativity and emotion.  

“Faces Got No Race,” epitomizes quality in every sense. From the beats, to the lyrics and the vocals, this album delivers. Politically this album packs a punch too, and It defines a socially conscious emcee who also knows how to fire up the dance-floor  One of the nicer aspects of Slay’s music is that there is also plenty of catchy choruses to his work. So this is music you can sing along to, as well as just nod your head to.  

This is a very solid hip hop album, and the amount of good songs on it is enough to equal the number of good songs on any 2 albums from most of the other indie rappers out there today, while Young Slay’s lyrics send powerful messages and are undoubtedly among the best around. Give this one a listen.

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