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Young Slay


Young Slay, also known as Mèt Piwèt, as well as, Ti Bagèt, is a rapper from Cap-Haitien, Haiti. He relocated to the United States as an adolescent. During his childhood, he was profoundly affected by the loss of his mother. Subsequently, he found a respite in art. ​Young Slay developed an interest in music at an early age. He sustained a loss of vision following an unsuccessful retina re-attachment procedure, which allowed him to discover the therapeutic value of music.

​Influenced by a multitude of genres such as racine (Haitian roots), reggae, rock n’ roll, country, and blues to heavy metal, classical music, soul, rap, hip hop, Young Slay creates a unique style that provides listeners with a sense of undeniable emotion. His 2012 album, Faces Got No Race, which was partially funded by fans and friends, has become a success in various colleges in the United States. His track entitled In My Belly has been compared to Arrested Development’s “Tennessee.” Wiley Koepp of Coyote Music noted that, “Not since Arrested Development’s “Tennessee” has a song done what “In My Belly (Feat. Jonny Lyrks)” does: laying painful realities, both historical and present-day, over an otherwise positive musical track and sing-a-long melody.”


Rick Jamm, of Jamsphere, wrote in a review of Faces Got No Race that, “This is a very solid hip hop album, and the amount of good songs on it is enough to equal the number of good songs on any 2 albums from most of the other indie rappers out there today, while Young Slay’s lyrics send powerful messages and are undoubtedly among the best around.”
​Young Slay’s songs have ranked on, earning "Best of 20" twice, "Best of 100," "Top 10" twice, and "Top 4" three times. In addition, he has been on Reverbnation’s "Top 10 of Pompano Beach" for more than 24 consecutive months, increasing his fan base to 250k 

​In addition to Faces Got No Race, Young Slay released R2KM: Rèd Kon Ke Makak [Stiff Like a Monkey’s Tail] and then GKNM: Granmoun Ki Nom M’ [Grown A$$ Man], the same year he completed a rigorous master’s degree program at Nova Southeastern University [NSU]. Young Slay is currently completing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Recently, he created a record label, “Piwet Entertainment.” When he is not recording or performing, he enjoys visiting museums, watching cartoons, reading, and meditating.